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Martin Logan Neolith

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Descriere Producator

Nici un producator de boxe nu a urmarit o idee, un crez, cu mai multa perseverenta decat Martin Logan. Esenta sunetului unic al boxelor Martin Logan este o consecinta directa a superioritatii tehnologiei panourilor electrostatice si a dorintei de a oferi clientilor senzatia ca sunt in aceeasi incapere cu artistii/muzicienii/interpretul.
In zilele noastre, panourile electrostatice produse de Martin Logan au diafragma mai usoara decat aerul pe care-l misca si mai subtire decat firul de par, oferind cel mai bun raspuns posibil in frecventa, transparenta absoluta, realism si precizie chirurgicala, fiind un adevarat triumf al tehnologiei si al ideilor inovatoare. Din integrarea perfect echilibrata a panourilor electrostatice cu cele mai bune difuzoare de bas, a rezultat obtinerea unor boxe hibride ce se bucura de aprecierea unanima a pasionatilor de pretutindeni.
Mai multe detalii...

Cunoscuta in primul rand pentru pozitia sa de lider mondial in producerea de boxe electrostatice, compania cu sediul in Lawrence, Kansas, construieste si unele dintre cele mai apreciate subwoofere din lume, fiind totodata intre primii trei producatori mondiali de sisteme multicanal high-end.
Pentru a intelege mai bine superioritatea tehnologica a boxelor hibride fabricate de M. Logan, se impun cateva informatii suplimentare:
-Sursa de sunet este liniara, dispersia fiind perfect controlabila.Aceste caracteristici se traduc printr-o pozitionare facila a boxelor fata de punctul de auditie, indiferent de configuratia si dimensiunile camerei. O caracteristica de baza a boxelor hibride Martin Logan este lipsa refexiilor din podea si tavan, oferind un control foarte bun al sunetului.
-Fiabilitatea si rezistenta la socuri mecanice este superioara boxelor clasice. Diafragma este practic imuna la perforare, sunetul nefiind afectat chiar daca se intampla un accident. Panourile electrostatice sunt absolut sigure in utilizare, neexistand nici un fel de pericol in cazul atingerii lor accidentale.
-Reproducerea frecventelor medii si inalte cu ajutorul tehnologiei electrostatice elimina necesitatea unui crossover intre cele doua plaje de frecvente, obtinandu-se o linearitate exceptionala, imposibil de atins utilizand solutii conventionale.
-Diafragma utilizata de Martin Logan cantareste de cateva sute de ori mai putin decat membrana unui difuzor conventional si din acest motiv cursa este extrem de scurta si de rapida, practic nu exista inertie, iar suprafata radianta este mult mai mare.
-Wooferele utilizate pentru frecventele joase au o caracteristica specifica Martin Logan, difuzoare de mari dimensiuni fiind montate in cutii mici pentru a se obtine rezonante extrem de reduse. Crossoverele folosite intre frecventele joase si cele medii sunt extrem de performante.
-Lipsa necesitatii unei incinte in care sa fie montate tweeterele si difuzoarele de medii ofera o neutralitate absoluta sunetului, acesta fiind lipsit de interferentele/coloratiile date de cutie, naturaletea obtinuta fiind foarte aproape de perfectiune.


Descriere Produs
For those who appreciate accuracy and realism in their audio, the electrostatic transducer is the grail. For those who understand this truth in sound, MartinLogan introduces their new flagship loudspeaker: Neolith.

Mai multe detalii...

Neolith is not for the faint of heart. As the embodiment of our philosophy of the truth in sound, its performance is unconstrained. It goes against the grain. In a world of small, Neolith says size is no impediment.
Neolith features one of MartinLogan’s largest electrostatic radiating surfaces, fully 35% larger than the Statement E2. Its proprietary curvilinear electrostatic transducer delivers an ideal wave launch; a detailed, ultrarealistic soundstage, reproducing nearly the entire mid-range and high frequency audio spectrum. It is utterly uninhibited by room limitations.
Smoothly blended low-frequencies are provided by a 15-inch rear-firing ported woofer and 12-inch front-firing sealed mid-bass woofer. Combined, they deliver powerful, extremely accurate bass.
And this is just the beginning. The details demand your attention. The exclusive advanced-topology Vojtko Crossover uses hand-selected components for optimum power handling. The passive Neolith design gives you more control, allowing single-wire or bi-amp connections with silver filigree WBT Binding Posts, plus a unique system of audio adjustment jumpers. The audaciously sculpted Neolith frame is made of non-resonant Phenolic Resin Polymer, smoothly finished in a premium automotive gloss. Its hand-crafted woofer cabinet is wrapped in elegant soft leather.

Prepare yourself for an astonishing new audio experience; a bigger, bolder, no-holds-bared experience of breathtakingly articulate performance. The bespoke Neolith is the culmination of over 30 years of MartinLogan passion, engineering innovation and dedication to the ultimate truth in sound.

Product Description

  • Frequency Response
    23–22,000 Hz ±3dB
  • Horizontal Dispersion
  • Vertical Dispersion
    48″ (122 cm) line source
  • High Frequency Transducer
    XStat™ CLS™ electrostatic transducer
    » Panel Dimensions
    48″ × 22″ (121.9 × 55.9cm)
    » Radiating Area
    1056 in2 (6,814 cm2)
  • Low Frequency Transducer
    Rear: 15” (38.1cm) cast basket, high excursion, rigid aluminum cone with extended throw drive assembly. Extensively vented triple shorting ring motor and 4-layer coil to eliminate compression and distortion.Front: 12” (30.5cm) round cast aluminum alloy frame, high excursion, rigid carbon fiber sandwich cone with long throw design, 3-inch (7.5cm) diameter copper-clad aluminum flat wire voice coil, and vented pole piece and under-spider opening to reduce power compression.
  • Sensitivity
    90 dB/2.83 volts/meter
  • Impedance
    Nominal: 4 ohms, 0.43 ohms @ 20 kHz. . Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers.
  • Recommended Amplifier Power
    20‒1300 watts per channel
  • Crossover Frequency
    60, 250–400 Hz
  • Components
    High-Pass Crossover: 1% resistors mounted to heat sinks, polypropylene capacitors, air core inductors, dual toroidal audio transformers to drive electrostatic element Low-Pass Crossover: 1% resistors mounted to heat sinks, toroidal inductors, supports user options to modify sound output via jumpers
  • Audio Controls
    Bass Control:
    0dB, -4dB, -8dBDistance Control:
    3 meters (or less), 4 meters, 5 meters (or greater)
  • Lighting
    LED intensity control: On, Dim, Off
  • Cabinet
    Phenolic Resin Polymer: Dense substrate with superb mechanical strength to minimize cabinet vibrations caused by woofer cone motion counter forces to provide an ideal baffle for the electrostatic panel and woofers.
  • Inputs
    WBT-0705Ag nextgen™ 5-way bi-wire binding posts feature a filigree signal conductor made from fine silver for high conductivity. Fully insulated for CE and IEC conformity providing shock hazard protection. Free from eddy current effects. Max constant current 30 A, admissible peak current 200 A. Outer metal cap with palladium plated finish.
  • Power Draw
    Standby: 1W each Max: 15W each
  • Weight
    385 lbs. (175 kg)
  • Dimensions
    74.8″ × 30.3″ × 34.2″
    (189.9cm × 76.9cm × 87cm)

Informații suplimentare

Finisaje Neolith

Gloss metallic black, Gloss metallic blue, Gloss metallic maroon, Gloss metallic red, Gloss metallic silver (tan), Gloss metallic silver(dark), Gloss metallic silver(light)


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    „Over the years I have had the pleasure to audition many different loudspeaker technologies and systems from the best names in the business ranging in price from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Without question the Neolith ranks among the best full range speakers I’ve heard. Pair the Neoliths with the right amplification, put them in the right sized room, and you’ll have a recipe for countless evenings of musical bliss. At $80,000/pair for the Neoliths plus $50,000-$120,000 for electronics and amplification, you are talking about a serious investment for a very select audience. However, if you have the funds, love the magic of electrostatics, and want one of the best loudspeakers on the market today (not to mention serious bragging rights among your friends), then the MartinLogan Neolith deserves your urgent attention.”

    Theo Nicolakis, Audioholics

    „The demo was well worth my time.As an owner of MartinLogan Montis electrostatic, I can personally attest that the much-larger Neolith takes that detailed, sonic layering and dispersion and exponentially increases it by a factor of 10 — especially in a big room… the combination of the custom-designed, rear-mounted 15-inch and front-firing, 12-inch passive bass drivers delivered stunningly tight, low bass — to a loud level that perfectly matches the electrostatic panel’s balance. The Neolith’s low end is tight, forceful and imposing… If you have the cash and a big-enough room to let the speakers breathe, the MartinLogan Neoliths will reward you with hour after hour of gorgeous music. I can’t wait to hear a pair with hi-res… it is an honor to give the Neolith the EAN Stellar Sound Award, and I also selected it for the EAN 2014 Luxury Class Audio Product of The Year.”

    John Gatski, Everything Audio Network

    „What are the Best Loudspeakers in the World?
    Neolith is a bold new loudspeaker, the product of an ambitious 3-year-long development process that combines the very best technology MartinLogan has to offer. Neolith features MartinLogan’s largest-ever electrostatic radiating surface. Its proprietary curvilinear electrostatic transducer is allows the speaker to deliver an enveloping three-dimensional soundstage. Unique Controlled Dispersion Technology gives each transducer the ability to reproduce nearly the entire audio spectrum in any room. Neolith loudspeakers embody the MartinLogan ethos, and achieve „living sound”; revealing audio as it was originally performed.”

    Gene DellaSala, Audioholics

    „MartinLogan’s Ambitious Neolith
    I came away mighty impressed with the American company’s latest offering. The speed and effortlessness normally associated with the rest of MartinLogan’s line was easily audible, while their bass performance portended a truly full-range sound without any of the plodding, boomy character one might imagine such a well-endowed loudspeaker would possess… I think there will be plenty of demand for this statement loudspeaker.”

    Hans Wetzel, SoundStage! Global

    „MartinLogan’s Big, Beautiful Neolith Debuts in Delaware
    MartinLogan’s Neolith is a 75-inch tall, 385-pound superspeaker… Where they went is a truly amazing speaker, with a huge, bold sound, that very clearly wowed the small group of hardcore audiophiles in attendance… They probably need about 600/700 hours before they reach their full potential. But even at this stage they are very impressive. The panel integrates well with the bass drivers. Resolution and tonality are excellent, and the dynamics are very impressive.”

    Stephen Silver, Technology Integrator

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