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Copland CSA 150

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The CSA150 integrated amplifier is the latest development from Copland. The device is based on the synectic design concept, which has brought widespread acclaim to Copland hybrid amplifiers, combining the advantages of tube and transistor amplifiers.

The CSA150 amplifier is equipped with a 2 x 150 W semiconductor stage with current feedback of the power stage, and the signal is supplied from the preamplifier operating on a double triode.

One tube is responsible for the linear amplification of the CSA150. The applied solution is distinguished by amazing efficiency. The dual triode operates at high voltage in a configuration for maximum linearity, taking care only of the voltage amplification. The MOS-FET circuit, in turn, provides a powerful force that drives the linear stage output and feedback circuit, thus facilitating the collaboration between the world of voltage-controlled electronic tubes and current-controlled transistor technology.

If you want the warm and colorful charm of older tube designs, the CSA150 tube linear stage will give you that experience. In this case, the tube creates life, space and dynamics that are difficult to find in amplifiers based solely on solid state technology.

With the vinyl enthusiast in mind, the designers have equipped the CSA150 with a RIAA-corrected input for MM cartridges. The amplifier also uses an excellent DAC with multiple S / PDIF, PCM and DSD inputs, based on the 32-bit ES9018 Reference chip in a quad-mono configuration, 8 mono to 2 stereo configuration.
hifiplus-logo“In short, the Copland starts singing from the opening bars of music and has a certain clarity of purpose.”… “The pure dimension this amplifier operates within is just one of the things that make it different.”… “Great job by the CSA-150 here as it peels back the layers to reveal another side of its nature.”

Product Description

Copland CSA 150

  • Power output: 2 x 150 W into 8 Ω
  • Analog inputs: 1 x balanced (XLR), 3 x unbalanced (RCA)
  • Digital inputs: 1 x S / PDIF coaxial, 2 x S / PDIF optical, 1 x USB, 1 x Bluetooth aptX HD (optional)
  • Line output: 1 x unbalanced (RCA), 1 x pre / unbalanced regulated (RCA)
  • Line input impedance: 50 kΩ
  • Phono input impedance: 47 kΩ (MM)
  • Phono input capacity: 200 pF
  • Sensitivity of line inputs: 250 mV
  • Phono sensitivity: 2.6 mV
  • Frequency response: 0 Hz – 150 kHz / -3 dB
  • THD: better than 0.06%
  • IHF-A Signal / Noise): Better than 90dB
  • Phase: Reversible
  • Headphone amp gain: 22 dB into 100 Ω load impedance
  • Headphone amplifier output impedance: 40 Ω
  • Headphone Amplifier THD: Better than 0.05%
  • Headphone amplifier freq range: 10 Hz – 150 kHz / -3 dB
  • Lamps: 1 piece 6922
  • Power consumption: max. 700 W
  • Wymiary: 435 mm (S) x 155 mm (W) x 370 mm (G)
  • Weight with packaging: 14 kg
  • Available colors: black and silver

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Amplificator Stereo Integrat




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