Focal Sphear

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Sphear breaks with conventions and proves that high-fidelity in-ear headphones can be used for hours on end without the slightest discomfort!

Sphear is faithful to Focal’s historic acoustic signature, the “Spirit of Sound”, with a particularly rich mid-range which is never muffled, accurate and clear sound, it is extremely faithful to the original work, and offers harmonic richness, from the low end to the high end, for true listening pleasure.

Thanks to their unbeatable performance in this price category, Sphear are the most accomplished in-ear headphones to date, the most comfortable and the most generous for getting the most out of your music, wherever you are. In this age of “High-Resolution” and CD quality audio files, through its spherical design and its preservation of Focal’s acoustic signature, Sphear provides an original and unique solution for those passionate for high resolution sound.
md_178251“Acoustic leader, the French manufacturer wants to revolutionize the world of in-ear headphones… With Sphear, Focal proves that in-ear headphones can compete headphones in terms of acoustic rendering and comfort.”-Plugged-June 2015

md_178248“With Sphear, Focal people won the bet and offer in-ear headphones with particularly balanced sound and bass that nicely beat in time but with no excess.”-L’Equipe Magazine– June 2015

md_178250-“Sphear is an elegant and extremely comfortable design.”Hi-Fi +-September 2015

md_178252-“To those who want a quality sound for an accessible price than the competitors’, Sphear in-ear headphones from Focal are an excellent choice.”Tom’s Guide-August 2015

hifi_choice“It sounds refined and dynamic, and ultimately irresistible rather than simply listenable.” – United Kingdom / september 2015

Product Description


  • 1. Stainless steel ring and grille
    for increased robustness, reliability and aesthetics
  • 2. Bass-reflex system
    for ultra-realistic bass
  • 3. 10.8mm electrodynamic drivers
    for rich and natural sound
  • 4. Acoustic chamber with port
    for providing tonal balance
  • 5. Silicone or memory foam tips
    to ensure optimal noise isolation for ears of all shapes and sizes

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    A beautifully revealing, comfortable set of in-ear headphones that have a natural tonal balance perfect for any audiophile who demands to hear every

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    “Focal put a lot of energy making the Sphear comfortable.

    This is very well done, because at this price level it is the best in-ear headphone we ever have tested.

    The sound is fantastic, a rich sound and clear voices.

    A real Focal.”

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