Neotech NEP 3001 III

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The Neotech NEP-3001 III uses 10 AWG individual UP / OCC copper / silver lining hybrid conductors for hot, neutral and ground, as well as aluminum / mylar shielded copper. The total external diameter of the NEP-3001 III cable is 16.5mm.

Power (network) cable Neotech NEP-3001 III with a hybrid construction of the conductor – a combination of conductors from ultrapure copper UP-OCC and silver-plated ultra-pure copper SP UP-OCC. Double shielding provides reliable protection against electromagnetic and microwave interference. The cable is flexible, gray in a silver-blue nylon braid.


Product Description

Neotech NEP 3001 III

  • NEP-3001 III 10AWG UP-OCC Copper Conductor
  • UP-OCC Copper / Silver plated UP-OCC Hybrid
  • CL3 Inner Insulation
  • Tinned OFC Braided Shielding
  • UP-OCC IEC Plug & Connector termination


  • Construction: 3 stranded conductors cross-section 5.25 mm² each
  • Conductor material: ultra-clear copper UP-OCC and silver-plated copper of the highest purity SP UP-OCC
  • Shielding: aluminum-mylar film and braid of 192 cores of tinned oxygen-free copper OFC
  • Outer sheath: polyvinyl chloride and nylon braid
  • Outer diameter: 16.5 mm
  • Color: silver with navy blue pattern

Neotech has long been a leader in the production of cables and wires using the «monocrystalline» UP-OCC Copper, developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. UP-OCC copper is at least 99.99998% pure and has an average crystal size of 125 meters. Compare this with the average free oxygen copper crystal size, which is 0.02 meters (3/4 «). UP-OCC copper and silver are now considered absolute in copper and silver copper technology.
One of the special audio / video manufacturer in the world, is recognized for the quality of impressive products bearing this name, all based on a completely revolutionary technology called UP-OCC (Ultra Pure – Ohno Continuous Casting), proposed in 1991 Professor / Doctor Ohno at the Chiba Institute of Technology.
The method consists in pouring molten metal (copper or silver) as a hot (as opposed to the traditional process in the cold molds used), and then cooling it with a separate function. With this method, the result is a metal of purity near perfection, whose characteristics are particularly popular in cable: the virtual absence of impurities, flexibility and stress resistance, corrosion resistance, conductivity increased, and most importantly , a very low level of electrical resistance.

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Neotech este unul dintre gigantii din domeniul cablurilor de inalta fidelitate, fiind unul dintre principalii furnizori atat pentru segmentul home-user cat si pentru cel al profesionistilor.
Toate cablurile NeoTech sunt fabricate din aliaje speciale,proiectate pentru o transmisie extrem de fidela a semnalului, aducand in fiecare sistem plus de precizie si rafinament de care are nevoie, avand capacitatea de a-l face sa sune ca un intreg.


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