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Paradigm Persona 3F

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Descriere Serie Paradigm Persona

Opera perfecta a celor de la Paradigm, seria Persona care inglobeaza peste 3 decenii de inovatii reprezinta o adevarată capodopera tehnologică a industriei de profil si continuă să fascineze prin sunetul dus la cel mai înalt nivel de excelenţă.

Fie ca esti pasionat de sistemul stereo clasic cu două canale sau de un sistem multicanal combinarea inovatiei, performantei si elegantei a adus seria Persona la un nivel imposibil de atins de orice alt concurent.

hf“The Paradigm Persona 3F sounds big – sound comes off the speaker wide and deep. The dispersion is excellent, voices are articulate and instruments tonally believable. It makes me wonder what the Persona 5, 7 or even 9H would improve upon!?”– Piero Gabucci, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

sv-top-pick“…so astounding, so unequivocally brilliant in their performance that they will convince your ears that they don't exist, despite what your eyes will try to tell you.”– Darryl Wilkinson, Sound & Vision

Untitled-1 (1)“From their exceptional dispersion characteristics to their wonderful tonal balance, exceptional clarity, and stunning detail, Paradigm's Persona Series speakers leave one wanting for nothing, even way down at the bottom end of the line with the 3F tower. Or, I should clarify: they leave this reviewer wanting for nothing.”– Dennis Burger,


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Truextent® Beryllium Mid-Range Driver

Lightweight and stiff, this Truextent Beryllium driver boasts greater accuracy and smooth, uncolored frequency response across a wide, well-blended mid-range spectrum. Inverse Differential Mid-Range Drive Unit delivers exponential levels of output with lower overall distortion and Overmolded ART™ Surrounds deliver superior durability and the SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System efficiently eliminates internal resonances. Persona is the only loudspeaker in this class that uses a Beryllium mid-range driver.

Patented Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Driver Lenses

This patented PPA technology for our Beryllium tweeter and mid-range drivers blocks out-of-phase frequencies which increases and smooths output without coloring the sound, while also protecting the crown jewels of the Persona series, the expensive Beryllium drivers, from getting damaged.

† US patent: 10,003,869.

Active Ridge Technology (ART™) Surrounds

Paradigm’s patented† Active Ridge Technology (ART™) surrounds, made in-house and overmolded directly onto each cone, achieve greater excursion for a 3dB gain in distortion-free output (50% greater) compared to drivers with standard surrounds. Crafted from audiophile-grade injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer, ART surrounds are more durable and reliable, for a lifetime of superior sound.

† US patents: D654,479S and 8,340,340B2.

X-PAL™ Woofer Drivers

X-PAL pure-aluminum cones blend lightweight stiffness with high consistency for a greater degree of accuracy and smooth, uncolored frequency response. Combined with ART surrounds, these woofers produce truly huge bass with no threat of flexing or distortion.

Descriere Produs

Soluţii tehnice exclusiviste precum tweeterul de beriliu dar si difuzorul de beriliu, împreună cu constructia incintei curbate formate din 7 straturi HDF plus multe tehnologii patentate fac din seria Persona un veritabil maestru muzical.

Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Two 7” Bass Drivers

It’s easy to be impressed by the big, technology-packed flagship Persona 9H. But in order to design a more compact, passive version that delivers virtually the same level of performance in a mid- sized room, our engineers pushed the envelope of innovation and cost efficiency. That they succeeded, and the Persona 3F delivers surprisingly big bass response and lifelike transparency without sacrificing dynamic range, makes the Persona 3F the new standard- bearer of truly affordable high performance.

Product Description

Paradigm Persona 3F

Design 4-driver, 3 way floorstanding bass reflex
Crossover 3rd order electro-acoustic at 2.4 kHz(tweeter/mid), 3rd order @ 450 Hz
Frequency Response
+/- 2dB from 48Hz – 45kHz
Frequency Response
30° Off-Axis
+/- 2dB from 48Hz – 20kHz
High Frequency Driver 1″ (25mm) Truextent® Beryllium dome, ferro-fluid damped / cooled, Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter Lens, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimized pole piece assembly
Mid/Bass Frequency Driver 7″ (178mm) Truextent® Beryllium driver with Inverse Differential Drive Neodymium motor, Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Lens, SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System, 1.5″ high-temp voice coil
Low Frequency Driver Two 7″ (178 mm) high-excursion X-PAL™ drivers, overmolded Active Ridge Technology (ART™) surrounds, SHOCK-MOUNT™ Isolation Mounting System, 1.5″ high-temp tandem voice coil
Low Frequency Extension 24Hz
Room / Anechoic
92 dB / 89 dB
Impedance Compatible with 8 ohms
Suitable Amplifier Power Range 15 – 400 watts
Maximum Input Power 200 Watts
Finishes High Gloss: Vanta Black, Harmony White
Metallic Gloss: Aria Blue, Sonic Silver
Weight 75 lbs. (34 kg)
44.125″ × 9.5 × 16.875″
(112.6cm × 24.1 × 42.7cm)
Spike/Insert Thread
(Thread size/Threads per inch)


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Paradigm Persona

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Aria Metallic Blue, Carbon Black, Custom Finish, Harmony Gloss White, Sonic Metallic Silver, Vanta High Gloss Black

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