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With a history of manufacturing for over 30 years, Benz hand-made cartridges are produced in a range of output levels to optimally operate with an end-user’s phono preamp. The cartridges are of medium weight and compliance, thus enabling excellent performance to be achieved in a wide range of turntable and tonearm systems. With a Benz Micro Switzerland phono cartridge you can enjoy cost effective re-tip exchange and trade-in services for the rest of your life.

× JBL 4312G(3) JBL 4312G
1 x 13196 lei
× LUMIN U1 MINI black-front LUMIN U1 MINI
1 x 10731 lei
× Copland CSA 100 Copland CSA 100
1 x 18980 lei
× Audio Analogue AACento Audio Analogue AACento
1 x 17250 lei
× Anthem STR Integrated Anthem STR Integrated
1 x 29282 lei
× Martin Logan Dynamo 600x Martin Logan Dynamo 600x
1 x 3327 lei
× Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X
1 x 6855 lei
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