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IMPORTATOR EXCLUSIV Acoustique Quality Passion
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Acoustique Quality Passion

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AQ Passion is a distillation of the best loudspeaker available. Sandwich construction features advanced materials.

The flagship in the AQ fleet.The Passion Loudspeakers are based on 25 years of expert loudspeaker design and the exquisite lines of the highly advanced enclosure designed by industrial design studio Novague. Passion took two years to develop with progressive know how of the preceding Donna series. Cost was no object in the development of the Passion series, which established new absolute criteria and desire for impeccable musical delivery. Out of this passionate desire Passion was born.

Novague is a cutting edge industrial Design Studio based in Czech Republic that has received many design accolades. Their name is synonymous with ERKO R2 Car, The EDGE Chair, Favorit bicycle and the Solaris motorboat.

To achieve full range sound AQ Passion is designed as a three-way speaker with finely tuned bass reflex enclosure. Baffle is an asymmetrical shell consisting of a proprietary sandwich laminated wood-fiber material with integrated active system of internal damping BDS. Outstanding Danish Scan-Speak drivers were selected for all three sections, providing impeccable integration.
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Tweeter section is highlighted by a 1” Illuminator high frequency driver with a field of six neodymium magnets, forming a symmetrical drive SD-2 with its own acoustic chamber. Positive impact on the directional characteristics of high frequencies has integrated aluminum phase plug, which also provides heat dissipation. Illuminator has a maximally balanced frequency response up to 45 kHz. The oscillating part is composed with half of the toroid and not a spherical cap, as usual. To reduce the diffraction, a damping rubberized rosette is inserted around the tweeter’s membrane.
The Scan-Speak midrange driver compliments seamlessly the tweeter section. It has a symmetrical drive SD-3, where the magnetic field is generated by neodymium magnet. Sophisticated cone with integrated flat ridges is designed to suppress the standing waves and is attached to linear rubber suspension.
3D sculpted baffle below the midrange features 10” Revelator bass driver that is attached with metric tensile strength bolts. 10″ Revelator has advanced carbon fiber reinforced paper cone and has extremely low distortion and high power.
Spatial 3D speaker baffle is one of the key steps to achieving extremely flat phase response. With its proper spatial orientation, the acoustic axis of the loudspeaker is directed to the seated listener, not the floor, as is common for standard although expensive speakers. Additionally, flush mounting of the drivers eliminates edge diffraction. Asymmetrically shaped enclosure eliminates interior standing waves and provides outstanding rigidity to the loudspeaker. The resulting sound is highly accurate and pristine.
Highest quality AUDIOQUEST Castle Rock internal wiring is used throughout. It features Solid Core and DBS system and it is thermally soldered. Internal Crossover features hand selected, matched components that are point to point soldered on 10mm panel. Aircore woofer coil uses impressive 4mm2 high purity copper wire.
Audio Press: “Given the massive woofer it is not surprising that AQ Passion appreciates powerful amplifier, but what is pleasantly surprising is the astounding accuracy and balanced presentation. Overall, the Passion loudspeakers behave more like an audiophile two-way and with powerful bass driver filling the lowest octaves.”
Finish Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Custom finishes available upon request.

Product Description

Acoustique Quality Passion

Technical parameters:

  • system: 3-way
  • Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • max.noise: 140W
  • max. short-time: 220W
  • sensitivity: 89dB/1W/1m
  • frequency response: 20Hz – 45kHz within 4dB
  • crossover slope: 12,6/12,12 dB/oct
  • dimensions (wxhxd): 300mm x 1220mm x 440mm
  • weight: 55kg
  • internal volume: 50l
  • System bassreflex

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Acoustique Quality


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