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Asus Essence One MKII

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USB digital-to-analog converter with Direct Stream Digital 64, fully-balanced headphone amplifier for up to 600ohm-impedance headphones and 8X symmetrical upsampling.
Essence One MKII series DACs stay true to the source audio, with support for 2.8MHz DSD through DSD over pulse-code modulation (PCM), known as DoP. DSD 2.8MHz format delivers 64 times (64X) the sampling rate of traditional compact disc (CD) recordings for audio playback at a resolution that is orders of magnitude higher.

In addition, the new Essence One MKII DACs offer 8X upsampling to preserve the finest details of the original audio and improve the output quality still further. Essence One MKII DACs employ symmetrical upsampling to improve 44.1/88.2 /176.4kHz input sources to 352.8kHz@32Bit and 48/96/192kHz sources all the way up to 384kHz@32Bit, while eliminating the jitter associated with asymmetrical upsampling.

Essence One MKII DACs also support native Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) 2.2 drivers, which enables the digital signals to bypass Windows’ audio layers to avoid redundant processing — and that means bit-perfect audio output

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DAC, Preamplificator Stereo, Amplificator Casti


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