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Audia Flight FLS 4

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The Audia Flight FLS4 Stereo Power Amplifier is an incredible stereo power amplifier with high response speed (bandwidth more than 0,7MHz), high power (up to 700 Watts), and nearly unlimited speaker driving/control capability. Like the Strumento Series we’ve used our trained human ears to aide us in the FLS 4’s design process. This effort has allowed us to produce an amplifier that more closely achieves our goal of sonic perfection, much like a luthier uses years of experience, craftsmanship, and keen ear to find the perfect tonal character and emotional response for their instruments.

Like its Strumento brethren the FLS4’s chassis begins its life as an ultra high grade, bespoke aluminum cast.
After the CNC finishing work is completed, every part is then closely inspected and “mirror polished” by hand.
Some critical areas are further finished by hand, with shot peening and anodization completing the beautiful metal work.
The final touch is an elegant silk-screening process.

Similarities to the Strumento Series amplifiers can be found within the FLS4 as well. A long list would include a fully balanced circuitry, highly selected components, 32 high grade power devices, and power supply built with low impedance capacitors (288.000µF alone on the main power suppliers).
Untitled“Once again, as I found in my Strumento № 4 review, the Audia Flight FLS4 surpasses the expectation at the price point. This is a manufacturer with serious designing skills (as I found during my factory tour – stay tuned for that pictorial report coming to the Features section soon) and completely devoid of a ‘me too/cookie cutter’ ideology. These are well-developed designs, the fruits of solid engineering talent…Add to all that the aesthetic design flair commensurate with the Italian credo plus the Swiss-precision build quality and you have yourself one extremely serious power amplifier that should last you a lifetime. Bellissimo!”
Mai multe detalii...

The FLS4’s gain stage is once again the exclusive Audia Flight design consisting of an entirely class A current-feedback circuitry.
And to further isolate this critical part of the amplification process from interference and grant thermal stabilization for all of its discrete components, the gain stage is enclosed within an aluminum box and encapsulated in an epoxy resin. Add to this that the main power supply is made by n.16 18.000µF 50V low impedance capacitors and is then composed of two super high current power supplies per channel, as well as four stabilized independent stages per each channel: two for the input stages and two for the Audia Flight current feedback stage! And, of course, as is our philosophy, one 15VA toroidal transformer is used for the logic control and protection circuit in order to completely isolate it from the audio circuit. With a total then of 12 power supplies, custom printed circuit boards with an extra high-grade surface copper, a 2000VA toroidal audio transformer enclosed within two ferromagnetic shields and encapsulated by epoxy resin powering the output stage, no fuses in the main power supply for the output stage (we find fuses are like a “resistors” and can negatively impact the sound) as a current sensor read by microprocessor is employed,
and 200 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms output power one can see numerous “Strumento-esque” elements have gone into making the FLS 4 Stereo Power Amplifier capable of providing the listener with the best performance and emotional musical experience.

So one can see in the FLS4 Stereo Power Amplifier the Audia Flight familial resemblance is hard at work. Much like our reference
Strumento N°4 mk2 Stereo Power Amplifier, the FLS4 Stereo Power Amplifier is designed to bring your music to life and your audio system to another level of perfection.

Product Description

Audia Flight FLS 4

  • Output power per channel Watts RMS @ 8/4/2 Ohm200/380/700W*
  • Gain29 dB
  • Input sensitivity1.41 Volts RMS
  • Frequency response (1W RMS -3dB)0,3 Hz ÷ 0,7 MHz
  • Slew-Rate (@ 8 Ohm)> 160 V/µS
  • THD< 0,05 %
  • S/N Ratio110 dB
  • Input impedance Unbalanced7,5 kOhm
  • Balanced7,5 kOhm
  • Damping factor (@ 8 Ohm)> 650
  • Main voltage AC (50-60Hz)100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V
  • Stand-by Power consumptionless than 1W
  • Nominal Power consumption (no signal)170W
  • Power consumption (200W RMS @ 8 Ohm both channels)840W
  • Dimensions and weight450x180x440mm (W x H x D) – 34kg
  • Shipping dimensions and weight575x280x545mm (W x H x D) – 42kg

Informații suplimentare


Audia Flight


Amplificator de Putere

Finisaje Audia Flight

Black, Silver

Descriere producator

    Un producator al carui deziderat este acela de a oferi produse care imbina perfect design-ul italian sofisticat cu constructia robusta si originala, nu poate atrage în jurul sau decât admiratie si respect.
    Începând cu primul lor produs, misiunea Audia Flight a fost foarte clarã: produsele vor rezulta din sinergia designului, original al circuitului cu frumusetea stilului italian.
    Creatiile Audia, se poate spune, sunt un rezumat al culturii italiene: arta si design.
    Fondata în 1996 de Massimiliano Marzi si Andrea Nardini, Audia Flight proiecteazã si manufactureaza în Italia: amplificatoare, preamplificatoare si surse, la cele mai inalte standarde. Toate produsele Audia Flight sunt fabricate în întregime la sediul situat în orasul Civitavecchia, lângã Marea Mediteranã, la 70 de kilometri de Roma.
    Începând cu convingerea fundamentalã cã o componentã nu ar trebui sã modifice semnalul audio, Massimiliano si Andrea au petrecut doi ani (1994-1996) in cercetare si dezvoltare, care în curând vor constitui baza filozofiei lor de sunet si bineinteles a tuturor produselor ulterioare.
    Aceastã nouã schemã exploateazã reactia negativa pe curent in detrimentul celei pe tensiune asa cum fac majoritatea producatorilor, amplificarea este de tip “transimpedance” (si, prin urmare, extrem de liniara), iar feedback-ul este închis înainte de faza de iesire.
    Rezultatul final constã în circuite foarte rapide si stabile, cu o capacitate puternicã de a controla chiar si cea mai puternica încãrcare reactivã.
    Astãzi, rezultatul acestei sinergii italiene este o familie de produse Audia Flight, care include seria clasicã, seria Three S, noua serie FLS de nivel premium si seria High End Strumento.
    În timp ce suma tuturor experientelor de la Audia Flight intrã în fiecare produs pe care îl construiesc, seria Strumento reprezintã multi ani de cercetare si de dezvoltare, care au condus intr-un final la un design de circuit super perfectionat.
    Evident, pe lângã dezvoltarea unei noi tehnologii în designul de amplificare, s-a consumat multã energie în cãutarea componentelor de primã clasã, atât pentru calitate, cât si pentru performantã, pentru cãi de transmisie curate cat si pentru transformatoare unice.
    Design italian ridicat la nivel de arta, cu o constructie robusta ( numai cu componente discrete ( fara SMD-uri) ), intotdeauna cu o sursa de alimentare de o putere mai mare decat cerintele tehnice ale aparatului si un sunet extrem de natural, fac ca Audia Flight sa impresioneze deja lumea HIFI.


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