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IMPORTATOR EXCLUSIV Fezz Audio Sculptor Reference
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Fezz Audio Sculptor Reference

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Sculptor Reference
A solid, metal chassis, 4 anti-vibration feet made of solid aluminum and anivibration mat inside reduces negative impact of vibrations for audio equipment. Gold-plated Schuko Furutech sockets provides an convenient phasing of connected
2 x DC BLOCKER sockets.
DC Blocker is a device whose task is to eliminate the unwanted DC component of the 230V supply voltage. The DC component is caused mainly by switched-mode power supplies and all kinds of converters.
The DC constant has a negative effect on transformers in audio devices – it causes the core to be over-magnetized (saturated), which results in a significant increase in the volume of their operation (so-called buzzing), heating of the transformer and deformation of the sine on the output. All these negative effects of the presence of a DC component may disrupt work and parameters of power amplifiers and other audio devices. A secondary effect is also a significant increase in the power consumption of audio devices due to excessive heating of the transformer inside.
A frequently observed negative effect of the DC component is also uneven operation of the turntable motors, which translate the own vibrations to the platter.
Suggested use: integrated amplifiers, recivers, power amplifiers, turntable

Product Description

Fezz Audio Sculptor Reference

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Power strip
  • Model: Sculptor Reference
  • Supply voltage: 230V
  • Power socket: Furutech IEC60320
  • Output sockets: Furutech Schuko
  • Number of sockets: 6
  • Maximum load: 3.5 kW
  • Maximum continuous current: 16A
  • Dimensions: 570 x 115 x 110 mm
  • Available colors: Black ice (black), Bleach (white)
  • Weight: 7.5 kg

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