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JM-Reynaud Orfeo Jubile

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Since the beginning of its creation, almost 15 years ago now, the ORFEO has been an extremely fruitful research laboratory for technical solutions for JMR. As we seek to push the limits of what a system of its size can do, the ORFEO has allowed us to reach an impressive degree of sound maturity and harmonic richness. From one generation to the next, it has never ceased to surprise and delight us with its increasing dynamic capabilities and its sound image, ever fuller and, equally important, ever more precise and articulate.
Developed patiently and with great rigor, the ORFEO in this Jubilee version is the quintessence of JMR knowledge, experience, and expertise.
Extremely linear and generating a signal of constant density whatever the register, it distills with conspicuous ease and without caricature a subtle, nuanced musicality. As comfortable with small acoustic formations as with the telluric loads of a symphony orchestra, it gives that impression of serenity coming from a system without limits.
The ORFEOJUBILE is not an improvement of the Supreme V2 version but a complete new development around the same concept. A relatively compact, high-performance 2.5-way loudspeaker with very high tone and energy qualities.
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All technical elements have been reviewed: loading principle, speakers, crossover network and even its aesthetic. Its silhouette is typical of all Jubilee speakers, with a wide fillet on the horizontal rear edge of the cabinet. It is also slightly more voluminous to meet the tuning of its new perfectly optimized acoustic load and tuned even lower.
The harmonic richness that characterizes JMR products is perfectly respected, without exaggeration and without sacrificing the transparency and immediacy necessary for a good reading of the musical message. The readability of the interpretation of a work, even a very complex one, becomes surprisingly easy and [the] listening is done without effort, quite naturally.
Technically very sophisticated, it has been as usual at JMR refined and validated by long hours of listening. This allows us, where measurements are no longer informative, to optimize its performance even further, keeping in mind that a system, however technically sophisticated it may be, must above all be a true conductor of emotions.
Thanks to its relatively high efficiency and the exemplary linearity of its impedance curve, the ORFEOJUBILE is easy to drive. That said, it requires electronics of very beautiful sonic character and equipped with well dimensioned power supplies in order to reveal both its very beautiful liveliness and its impressive dynamic capacities. Although it has a very wide frequency response at the bottom of the spectrum, the Orféo Jubilé is easy to position, even in a relatively small room.
The proportions of its geometry and its extremely meticulous finish make it a precious object that can easily be integrated into any interior, whether classic or contemporary.

Product Description

JM-Reynaud Orfeo Jubile

Bande passante 32 to 25khz (30hz at -6db)
Impedance 4 Ohms (minium 3.8ohms)
Power handling 90 to 300W (400W peak)
Sensitivity 91db/W/m (2,83V)
Filter type 12/12/6db/octave
Connection Mono and bi-wire
Dimensions H 116, W 23,5, D 33 cm
Weight 40 Kg
Bi-Amplification Yes passive mode

Informații suplimentare


Jean Marie Reynaud


Boxe Podea

Finisaje JM-Reynaud

Pearly white, Black satin lacquer, Pearly anthracite grey, Cherry stained real anigre venner


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