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Lumin P1

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Main features
LUMIN P1 makes system integration easier than ever:
*9 digital & analogue inputs
*USB Digital Audio input & output support up to Native DSD512
*Balanced & unbalanced analogue inputs
*SPDIF & AES input support up to 192/24 with DoP
*HDMI 2.0 inputs & 4K passthrough with ARC support
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Specified for exceptional musical performance:
*New processor delivers native DSD512 & PCM384 playback
*Dual Mono design throughout maximises channel separation
*Dual ES9028PRO SABRE DACs in Mono mode
*Femto Clock System with precision FPGA distribution
*New integrated dual-toroidal linear power supply & all-in-one chassis
*Fibre Network provides complete isolation from network digital noise
*Leedh Processing lossless volume control.

9 digital & analogue inputs
*Industry-leading XMOS USB audio controller
*Native DSD512 and PCM384 compatible
*Windows 10 & Mac OS compatibility
*Balanced and Unbalanced analogue input
*LEEDH volume processing
*Passthrough function for home cinema integration
*DoP64 / 192 kHz 24-bit compatible
*HDMI 2.0 Specification compatible
*Supports 2.0 PCM audio decoding
*HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, DTS passthrough
*ARC compatible output.
New Remote Control
*A new tactile infrared remote control allows easy change of input, volume adjustment, playlist navigation and more.
*The exceptionally well-constructed acrylic and zinc LUMIN remote is made in Austria and is entirely Roon Ready.
*The new infrared receiver built in to LUMIN P1 is compatible with universal remote controls, phones and automation systems.

Supported Streaming Services:

stereophile-P1-review“I very much enjoyed my time with Lumin’s P1. Not only is it a superb-sounding D/A processor, but its transparent-sounding analog inputs and full video functionality are a welcome bonus.”

220206.Lumin_.Testsiegel_Testsiegel-99100-300x212“Stylish, versatile and exceptionally musical, the Lumin P1 is an excellent example of modern, high-quality audio reproduction. The great technical effort that the manufacturer puts into its streaming preamp serves only one goal: to generate natural sound. Thanks to the many connection options, this can be enjoyed from practically any source and with its clear app you always have full control. It doesn’t really matter what you want to do with the Lumin P1, because you always feel well entertained here.”

p1-haute-fidelite“The P1 benefits from Lumïn’s immense experience in the field, whether in terms of hardware or software.”…”Listening to the Lumïn P1 makes us feel clearly that streaming is entering a more mature era, where the faults that could have been attributed to digital playback have practically disappeared, as if by magic.”…”We are truly under the spell listening to the best files, where the P1 develops all its musical sense, its tonal richness, its qualities of spatial ventilation and its dynamic ease.”…”Perfection comes at a price, but you won’t be disappointed.”

review_6moons“If I owned P1, I’d run it amp direct and retire my separate linestage. Period.”…”Amp direct sounded more articulate, firm, fully arrived and physically here than detouring through my favorite preamp in our collection.”…”Running P1 amp-direct was even more direct, open, exciting and in-the-room present. That was unexpected news to me.”…”Now P1 is shorthand for Perfect One.”

p1-high-fidelity“Lumin P1 has shown that the true resolution lies in the millions of small details that make up information, and only the information makes up the sounds. The player from Hong Kong is perfect in this respect.”…”In conclusion, the P1 is an exceptionally successful file player, its sound is on the one hand very smooth, maybe even warm, and on the other hand it is open and very dynamic. Its designers managed to “catch” a good balance between these two elements, and the result is a very universal, emotionally marked message. A well-deserved ‘RED Fingerprint’ award.”

fair“Plays tonally largely neutral with a very slight tendency towards the bright, which makes the mids and lows appear a bit slimmer or less full.
Reproduces the bass range very tightly, contoured and to the point.
Resolves mids and highs very well and works out recording details and the finest nuances. However, the high level of transparency never becomes overly pedantic.
Credibly traces the width and height of the virtual recording space and staggers musicians and instruments extraordinarily accurately in depth, the stage design appears free of any “curtains”.
separates the individual bodies of sound rich in contrast. Voices and instruments are drawn three-dimensionally in front of a black background.
Is gifted with fine dynamics and rhythm.
Needs a long break-in period to achieve peak performance.
Is an audiophile Swiss Army knife with practical solutions for almost all use cases (but without WiFi and Bluetooth).

Product Description

Lumin P1

    Up to DSD512
    Up to 384 kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo
    MQA Full Decoding
    DSD128 upsampling option for all files
    PCM 384kHz upsampling option for all files
    USB Audio Class 2 Compatible
    WINDOWS 10 (Release 1703 or above) / Mac OSX or above
    DoP 128 support
    PCM 44.1–384 kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo
    PCM 44.1 kHz–192 kHz, 16–24-bit
    DSD64 (DoP64, DSD over PCM)
    HDMI X3:
    PCM 2.0 Audio support
    4K Video Passthrough
    USB:Native DSD512 support
    PCM 44.1–384 kHz, 16–32-bit, Stereo
    PCM 44.1 kHz–192 kHz, 16–24-bit
    DSD64 (DoP64, DSD over PCM)
    PCM 2.0 Audio support
    4K Video Passthrough
    ARC (Audio Return Channel) support
  • ANALOGUE INPUT:RCA Unbalanced x1 XLR Balanced x1
    Dual ESS SABRE32 ES9028Pro DAC chips
    Fully balanced layout with high-quality components
    Output connectors coupled with dual LUNDAHL LL7401 output transformers
    Femto Clock System with precision FPGA distribution
    Industry-standard SFP
    1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
    Adapter may be needed for your particular switch/cables
    Use simultaneously with RJ45 (e.g. connect one to router and one to LUMIN L1 or NAS)
    Internal dual-toroidal
    Separate digital & analogue circuitry
    Low-noise linear regulator
    FINISH:Black anodised aluminium
    Raw aluminium
    350mm (W), 380mm (D), 107mm (H), 12kg

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DAC, Preamplificator, Streamer Audio/Network Player



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