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Manger p2

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To come as close as possible to the original has always been the ambition of Manger Audio. Along this path Josef Manger has accomplished a technological masterpiece: the Manger Sound Transducer. The flagship model p2 consistently acts on this maxim and takes another important step in approaching the ideal of time correct and faithful audio reproduction. The p2 open up a new horizon.

Nature as Touchstone

The sudden breaking of a branch, the gentle patter of a summer rain – to faithfully reproduce these sounds and sounds is a difficult task to master. Too fast, too abrupt are the pressure changes in the air. This also applies to percussion or the clapping of an auditorium. Ordinary sound transducers cannot follow the tempo and sound undifferentiated. In addition, these sound events often contain low-frequency components. They are crucial for natural reproduction, but they especially demand the bass precision of a loudspeaker.

Speed is the Key

A precondition on the path to authentic reproduction is time correct and integral rendition. Due to its design the Manger Sound Transducer provides an impulse fidelity, in other words the ability to rapidly track short signals, that is far superior to conventional drivers. The newly developed woofer system of the p2 also achieves an extraordinarily high signal fidelity and perfectly complements the Manger Sound Transducer. The two innovations merge into a uniquely authentic reproduction system.

Deeply Impressive

The p2 woofer is groundbreaking. The patented drivers, developed and manufactured in Germany, features a modern sandwich-type membrane. Two carbon fiber reinforced cellulose layers flank a layer of high-tech foam. The sophisticated material mix combines high inner damping with little weight and extreme rigidity. Partial vibrations and fractured radiation to higher frequencies are thus effectively eliminated.

The powerful driving coil ensures linear excursion and minimum harmonic distortion. In combination with two meticulously tuned passive membranes the woofer provides matchlessly precise reproduction down to the lowest register.

Rock in the surf

In operation, considerable force is sometimes applied to the loudspeaker housing. If it is stimulated to vibrate, this leads to audible color discoloration. The housing of the p2 is a manifestation of solidity. Inner struts and stiffeners at defined points effectively prevent natural vibrations. The chassis reside in a 38-millimeter (!) strong front and the elegantly rounded edges optimize the radiation behavior. A solid base construction made of aluminum guarantees rock-solid stand on any surface.

Product Description

Manger p2

  • Type Passive 2-Way Floorstanding Speaker
  • Frequency Range – 30 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Impedance – 8 Ohm nominal
  • Crossover Frequency 340 Hz
  • Sensitivity 89 dB 1 W/1 m
  • Max SPL 112 dB Peak
  • Dimensions 1139 x 270 x 214 mm
    Weight 32 kg
  • HF Manger Sound Transducer, Bandwidth 80 Hz – 40 kHz, Rise Time 13µs
  • Rec. power handling   50 – 200 watt
  • Connectors –Bi-Wiring Terminal – WBT-Polklemmen nextgenTM Cu


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