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Soundcare spike M6(2)Soundcare SuperSpikes M6(3)

Soundcare SuperSpikes M6

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What are Soundcare®SuperSpikes The Soundcare®SuperSpike is a new type of speaker and hi-fi speaker. The particularity of their construction eliminates the problem that most frequently arises: damaged surfaces.
These points allow you to move the music chain without scratching the floor.

Why Soundcare®SuperSpikes?br>When the weight of your Hi-Fi components is concentrated on a small surface, the pressure per cm² increases considerably, providing better contact with the substrate. The result is an enhanced sound scene with better bass control. SuperSpikes reduce vibration and limit vibration transmission to other parts. A SuperSpike loaded point with a weight of 12.5kg produces a pressure of 6200Kg per cm² on its tip!

Soundcare®SuperSpike are not ordinary tips!
To obtain the best sound reproduction, reduce distortions and better control of low frequencies it was selected after listening and measures a unique combination of materials. During their development these tips were tested by a panel of engineers, musicians and audiophiles with resultsThe The improvement of the sound scene was incredible.

These tips are strongly recommended for insulation of active Subwoofers.
4757-59_SOUNDCARE-SUPERNOVA_12“Best buy…”
4757-59_SOUNDCARE-SUPERNOVA_13“… Definitely recommended”
4757-59_SOUNDCARE-SUPERNOVA_14“Conclusions: … I can not help but say these are, in my humble opinion, the best spikes around, bar none. “

Product Description

Soundcare SuperSpikes M6

Outdoor envelope in Plastic ABS

Body and Counterpoints inZinc

Pointe enSteel High Resistance

Skates Adhesives foam

Minimum length of tip:32mm

Maximum Tip Length:About 53mm

Thread Diameter: M6

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